Chakra Set with Meditation Essential Oil

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In this kit you get a complimentary meditation essential oil plus...
D.I.Y Chakra Cleanse Kit with 7 Aura Crystals with instructions & meditations. Crystals have a Cotton cord to be worn as a necklaces, depending on what Chakras are affected and what you need at the time. There is also a self-check list on each Chakra to help you determine if any are slow, blocked or drained and 5 minute easy meditations to do daily until you have cleansed and balanced each Chakra. Plus you get a black Velvet pouch to put all your Crystals in when not using them.

Before you start to work with your Crystals be sure to cleanse them on the evening of the full Moon on the lawn if possible so Crystals benefit from both the Moon & the Earth's energies at the same time. As all Crystals vibrate on a high frequency when their happy cleansing them should be on a regular basis or they can become dull, sluggish and unhappy and you need them in optimum condition in order to help you cleanse your energy. The info in all Chakra kits are to help you comprehend how important it is that you take good care of the energy that flows through your Chakras for it will definately end up affecting the Organs & Glands in your body at a later date. It's all about energy flow (Chi) depending what you experiences are in your world be it good or bad, negative or positive, these all affect the Chakras. Note: The crystals will vary in size, shape & colour to those depicted in pictures.