Lepidolite Crystal Beaded Bracelet with Pearl Centrepiece

Lepidolite Crystal Beaded Bracelet with Pearl Centrepiece

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Pearls spiritual meaning is associated with wisdom and knowledge gained along the journey. Pearls are renowned for their powerful balancing and calming energy. They are also known to be a token of good luck, abundance and protection. It is said to enlighten the mind and help bring wearer happiness. When you are influenced by the energies of this Stone, you are likely to nourish yourself with a healthy self love as it encourages compassion and lighthearted energy. Pearl energy encourages us to be more generous with our LOVE and will help open and heal your heart chakra!



Lepidolite assists us in the reduction of stress and depression. It halts obsessive thoughts, relieves despondency and overcomes insomnia. Wear crystal at all times to help overcome dependency. This Stone is supportive in releasing us from addictions and complaints of all kinds. As a stone of transition, it releases and reorganises old behavioural patterns that will begin changes in your life.