Love Yourself 3 Card Oracle Reading with free necklace

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This 3 Card Mystery reading will be chosen especially for you by our in-house Tarot Reader here at Crystal Box, Lilith. If your seeking answers just leave it up to the Universe to provide them. 

Precise 3-Card Tarot giving you an overall glimpse of your life situation, advice from your guides on how to proceed & outcome. You must read the 3 cards as an interpretation of the whole picture, where you’re at and where you should be heading.

In this kit you will receive:

  1. Three beautiful laminated ‘Love Yourself’ Oracle Cards which are yours to keep.
  2. A Three card spread Meaning.
  3. A Complimentary Necklace, jewelry, or gift.
  4. Plus a beautiful package to keep them all in.

Disclaimer: This 3-card reading is for entertainment purposes and not Gospel