Shungite Orgonite King Solomon Seal “Friend or Foe”

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King Solomon Shungite Orgonite. 15cm x 12cm

Effective in causing the holder to see the real face of others & what they radiate out. When the holder is next to a friend or foe the Seal will show their true colours. 

Place a picture of the person you wish to expose under a candle, light it, and say “please show me the real person you are and your intentions next time we meet”. Repeat this as many times as you wish and don’t forget to include the persons full name in that sentence. Repeat until you feel it time to finish, put out candle safely and repeat this ritual from full moon to full moon each evening. When finished make sure you burn paper safely over a fire proof bowl or dish and bury in the ground outside.


The Shungite It contains about 98% organic carbon. This stone is said to be a Russian stone formed 2 Billion years ago. Shungite is a powerful stone to provide a shield from Electromagnetic Radiation given off by electrical equipment including equipment including computers, mobile phones, microwaves and televisions. Good for purifying water and will help to neutralise any organisms within the body that are harmful.