Tanzanite, Red Coral & Blue Opal Bracelet Set in 925 Silver with Amethyst & Celestite Crystal Beaded Double Strand Bracelet

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From the Divine Feminine Range ✨
Each of the bracelets in this range are artisan-crafted unique one off boutique jewellery items. Contact us directly to arrange a custom order by giving us your sizing and measurement details.

Opal is known for stabilising the emotional body and assisting in changes and transformation. It creates a dreamy passionate and inspired energy in the observer. It can symbolise devotion and fidelity in personal relationships. It was thought of as a beauty enhancer in the Middle Ages preventing greying of hair and ageing. Great stone for scrying and can invoke psychic visions and spiritual vision.

Tanzanite encourages psychic ability and transformation. They are high in vibration and therefore resonate with the Higher Chakras such as Soul Star, Crown and Third Eye. This stone is a powerful tool to develop psychic arts skills and accelerate spiritual growth.

The high frequency of Amethyst purifies the aura of negative energy and attachments. A protective shield of light that helps clear your energy and remain balanced and centred. Stimulates the Third Eye & Crown chakras, enhancing psychic ability and wisdom. Comfort stone for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Celestite is revered for it’s high frequency and Divine energies. It will help connect one with the angelic realms and is known as a powerful healing Crystal. A stone for peace and harmony, it can relieve stress, anxiety and halt obsessive behaviours. It can be beneficial for shy or timid children. Celestite brings harmony and balance and will assist the holder in finding and maintaining inner peace. With it’s ability to heighten Divine intuition, Celestite sends energy to the organs of the higher chakras, aiding the healing of disorders and imbalances.

Red Coral is full of revitalising life force energy and helps to restore and balance energies in the physical body. It resonates with the Lower Chakras, especially the Root Chakra and it’s beautiful red colour encourages passion and romance. Red Coral will encourage the wearer to be more creative and inspired to take action. Coral is a stone with protective and healing energies that promotes strength and mental/physical health. Red Coral supports and stabilises wearer through life lessons, changes, growth through hard times and overcoming obstacles. Using this crystal can help with intuition, imagination, spiritual vision and visualisation. This crystal is said to evoke courage and confidence.