Triple Goddess Moon Necklace

Triple Goddess Moon Necklace

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Triple Moon Goddess symbol represents Waning, Full and Waxing phases of the moon and the related archetypes of Maiden, the Mother and the Crone respectively.


This is represented by the Waxing Moon crescent and symbolises youth, naivety, creation, purity and the new. The Maiden encourages you to work with and explore spirituality, creativity and desires.


This is represented by the Full Moon. The Mother embodies the energy of love, nurturance, fertility, patience and self love. The Mother encourages you to master giving and receiving unconditional love.


This represented by the Waning Moon crescent. The Crone represents wisdom, fulfillment, culmination, endings and death. The Crone encourages you to accept the concept of Death in order to create space for Rebirth.