White Jade Crystal Chips with Agate Centrepiece

White Jade Crystal Chips with Agate Centrepiece

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White Jade helps protect the wearer against negative influences or energies. This Stone is excellent for staying calm and grounded. White Jade was traditionally known as a gemstone of royalty and power, particularly in the East. Others recognise it for healing and stabilising energies which help to relieve anxiety and remove negative emotions developed from fear.



Agate balances Yin Yang energies, supports stability, grounding, courage, protection, healing and calming. It is a stone of strength   And enhances creativity and intellect. Good stone for artists and students. Gives courage, emotional strength and dispelling fears. It can lessen feelings of envy by grounding emotions. Promotes inner stability, composure and maturity. It encourages security and self confidence. It is a great amulet to use for travellers or pregnant women.