Witchy Runes and Velvet bag plus a Witch Necklace

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Modern Witch Runes are a set of 13 Divination runes that are a sacred number to Witches, being the 13 Lunar phases per year.

Traditionally the runes are:

The Sun: growth, new beginnings, fertility, prosperity, Solar magic, God, etc.

The Moon: intuition, dreams, psychic, emotions, love, healing, shadow work, Goddess, etc.

Flight: travel, birds, communication, messages from the other side, soaring to great heights, fast moving, news, etc.

Rings: bonding, alliances, marriage, teams, family, etc.

Trinity: Triple Goddess, life/death/rebirth, trinity, love, romance, etc.

Woman: womb, vagina, creativity, birthing, motherhood, femininity, yoni, etc.

Man: male, phallus, arrow, action, fertility, virility, strength, aggression, justice, goals, etc.

Harvest: abundance, reaping, manifesting, wealth, family, security, finances, etc.

Crossroads: decisions, blocked paths, opportunities, the space between, spirits, etc.

Waves: ocean, lands of the dead, purification, water, emotions, healing, etc.

Star: guidance, a light in the darkness, wishes, gifts, other worlds, astrology, etc.

Scythe: the reaping, death, waning, end of an era, releasing, and clearing, etc.

Eye: Third Eye, seeing the truth, clairvoyance, someone’s watching, the evil eye of protection, etc.